Choose Your Roll up Garage Door

Choose Your Roll up Garage Door

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Is it time to make big decisions, which will affect your life for the years to come? Choosing a new garage door is far from easy. You have to take tens of different things into consideration but if you already have made your mind as to the type of door you will need, you are on the right track. For people who want to make fundamental changes in their garage, perhaps one of the most difficult things is to choose the right door type. A new roll up garage door is not only a perfect choice but also a great option for many applications.

Choose Your Roll up Garage DoorWhether you want a cheap solution, a strong door or fire resistant door, a roll up is exactly what you need. Apart from the fact that they can be used in many applications, roll ups come with many more benefits.

  • They don't occupy too much space since they coil up in a unit above the opening and don't have tracks like sectional doors do
  • There are many choices in terms of materials, strength, colors and sizes
  • When it comes to garage door prices, they are the most inexpensive solution
  • Aesthetically speaking, they can look at their very best if you choose your preferred color and take care of them
  • Is a roll up necessary for your needs?

Roll ups are great solutions for residences with small garage space. Although they need quite high ceilings for their installation, they mostly work with jackshaft garage door openers and so you won't have a space issue. They can be an excellent idea for either your main home garage door, a storage space or for commercial use. In their most plain form, roll ups are sheet doors made of one-piece corrugated steel. For heavier duty, it's best to get thick doors of 22 gauge steel. These ones are made of small slats, are very strong and the ideal choice for most applications. Now, if you want a fire resistant solution, there are special roll ups which work as a protective wall in case of a fire. They are highly resistant and can be also dropped when the fire alarm is set off.  Just take your pick depending on what you need.

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