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What is an R-value?

R-value is the thermal efficiency of a garage door. It is intended to provide insulation to the garage area. The higher the R-value, higher the insulation point. It is essential for home owners who use their garage as workshops. The insulated garage door enables air to travel into the garage and gives a soothing feel inside.

How do you check garage door stability?

Stability is observed when the garage door panel moves smoothly and without unusual noises. The door opener unit should be able to quickly respond to the remote control or, in the case of automatic doors, open and close promptly as a vehicle heads in or out. Additionally, there should be no loose parts.

Does it take long to replace my door opener?

It may only take a day and much less if you use the same model of electronic door opener. You can use the existing brackets that are already mounted. For assistance, you can refer to our experts about replacing an old door opener.

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