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Here you will find the most excellent garage door tips that will help you in difficult moments

Frozen garage door

During cold season, a garage door can freeze due to the cold temperature and moisture. This makes it difficult for you to open and close it quickly. To eliminate the risk, use something that can melt the ice. A heat gun or hair dryer may work. If not, contact our specialists to help you make it easy.

Garage door reminders

If you have a garage door at home, there are certain things you need to consider for your safety. Always make sure the garage door opener control button is out of a child’s reach. Also never let them play with garage door remote controls. Then, read through the owner’s manual and learn how to utilize your door’s emergency release feature.

Check the sensors and see if they are blocked

Safety sensors on newer garage door models can also cause problems. These sensors work in pairs. When the beam from the sensor is obstructed, the garage door opener will fail to engage. There are times when it stops during operation. When this happens, check the sensors and remove anything that may have caused the obstruction.

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