Commercial Garage Doors Insulation Options

Commercial Garage Doors Insulation Options

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Garage doors are not just important in residential areas, and commercial establishments must have them as well for their protection and security. As a commercial building is a public place where many people move around, a commercial garage door must be made by the most durable and high-quality materials. Apart from that, it must be properly insulated so that people can be protected from extreme temperatures and energy can be saved. Newly manufactured doors distributed by garage door companies are already insulated but old ones may not be properly insulated. That can be solved by purchasing insulation kits and getting it installed by professionals.

Materials used for insulation

Commercial Garage Doors Insulation OptionsIn any type of garage doors, the common materials used are polystyrene and polyurethane. There are times when reflective insulation foils that are based on heavy-duty polyethylene foam are used but this is actually not as effective as the other materials especially with the commercial doors. Molded polystyrene enables prevention of thermal heat loss during cold season. There is an option for professionals to do garage door panel replacement because manufacturers created panels that already have built-in polystyrene. Polyurethane foam is also energy-efficient and is also available in panels. Insulation must be secured to have good joint seals so that it will be more efficient. The seals must be thick enough and it has to be flexible so it can adapt to any temperature.

Commercial garage doors are commonly rolling steel door types and since these are heavy and much more complicated to handle, it is best to get experts to help with the insulation. Always remember that you can benefit a lot when insulation is properly installed. You can save more money and you will be able to help the environment by saving energy.

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