Case Story - The Tale of the Damaged Spring

Case Story - The Tale of the Damaged Spring

Springs are among the most important parts of a garage door that help in keeping the garage door balanced.

I had bought my garage door a few months back

It had been working absolutely perfectly until one day I noticed that the door was not closing and opening in the smooth manner that it did earlier on. I was very perplexed to see this and started wondering if everything was alright with the garage door. On inspecting the garage door, I did not find anything out of order and thus decided that it was just my imagination. However, when the door kept on behaving in that manner for the next couple of days, I became worried and decided to give a thorough look to the garage door parts and check if there was indeed something wrong with one of them. My efforts did not yield anything though and I was not able to pinpoint the reason for the unusual behavior of the garage door. 

My concerns regarding the state of the garage door became even more pronounced when the garage door started jerking when it was being opened or closed. I decided to ask around and find out what might be the cause of this. Everyone I asked had their own opinions on which part might be at the root of the problem. Some said that it was because of the cable while others suggested an issue with the overhead door springs might be the reason for the improper functioning of my garage door. Not being able to decide which part was at fault for the issue, I thought it best to call Garage Door Repair Palisades Park to find and fix the fault with my garage door.


Garage door issues in which the door does not open or close smoothly are generally caused by a faulty or broken garage door spring. In such scenarios, it is best to replace the spring to get the door functioning properly again. When we received a call from a customer who was complaining about the unsmooth opening and shutting of his garage door, we were almost certain that the issue might be because of a faulty spring. However, since there was no way of knowing exactly what the problem was until we reached the house of the customer, we took all the supplies with us so that we can repair any issue that might be causing the door to behave in this way.

Upon reaching the customer’s home, we quickly set out to inspect the door and found out the culprit for the unbalancing of the door almost immediately. It was indeed the spring which was way past its lifespan. It had consumed all its cycles and was looking quite stretched out. Since there was no way for the spring to be repaired, we told the customer that replacement was the best solution for fixing the issue. After receiving the customer’s consent, we took out the damaged spring, noted its size and after finding a same sized spring in our supplies replaced it instantly. The whole process took about half an hour and the customer’s garage door was restored to its original self.

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